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Big KG love today on !

Fantastic article by E. Ce Miller today on explaining why they think KinderGuides are pretttttty cool. Snippet below. Read the full article here. :)

"As a former reader ahead of my time, I remember what it was like to devour every book on my girlhood bookshelves, over and over and over again, and still be left wanting more. From Harold and the Purple Crayon to Eloise at The Plaza, the bookworm in me came of age with some of the best children’s books ever written, to be sure — but what if after reading Goodnight Moon for the ten thousandth time, I had been able to dive into a little Jane Austen? Or how about Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, written for kids? What if I had been able to read Mrs. Dalloway at age six? (And, furthermore, how relieved would my mom have been to not have to explain, for once, why the Man in the Yellow Hat doesn’t have a first name? Am I right?)

These are the kinds of questions that new children’s book imprint KinderGuides seeks to answer via their series of illustrated children’s books inspired by classic literature."

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