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What are KinderGuides?
KinderGuides are illustrated learning guides that give children a fun and inspiring introduction to some of the greatest classic literary works ever written.

What ages are KinderGuides written for?
Roughly ages 6-12 years old. We've created them for children who are beginning to read on their own, but who also still enjoy being read to.
Why are you making them?
Numerous studies show the same thing: people are reading less and less classic literature these days. If this trend continues there may come a day when classics are forgotten. KinderGuides aims to spark a love for these classic stories, characters, and authors at an early age, a love we hope will stay with our readers for life!
Why is familiarity with classic literature important for a child?
Familiarity with classics is not just important from a cultural stand point, but research also shows that reading literary fiction uniquely increases our capacity for empathy – our ability to see the world from another person's perspective – a quality that is imperative to child development.

How do you make learning guides for young readers?
Like all other literary learning guides, we comment on and explain each novel in an engaging and easy to understand summary that comes complete with an analysis, a quiz, key words and characters sections, and an author bio. Since our guides are uniquely written for children, whom are primarily visual learners, our guides are fully illustrated to engage their attention throughout all sections. The illustrations, in combination with the language we use, has been carefully chosen for our young audience. 

Why would a child need a literary guide?

We believe that the study or learning guide format is a tried and true technique for retaining information about the subject. We offer this format in an engaging way that readers will not only learn from but also be delighted by.

Are these titles really appropriate for children?
Yes, all KinderGuides are written in an age appropriate language. Naturally shorter than the original works they comment upon, the essence of each classic novel is thoughtfully conveyed to inspire young readers. At their core, all classic novels have overarching themes and morals that lend themselves perfectly for the developing mind. They are stories about freedom, courage, respect, helping others, man vs. nature, equality, and so on. 

There are plenty of great books out there that are written specifically for children. So why should my child read about novels that were written for adults? 
We believe these great works of popular culture are truly timeless and deserve a reintroduction for the latest generation of the 21st century. It's not about growing up quickly, but rather about sowing a seed of appreciation for classic literature at an early age, all whilst having fun! 
Just as importantly, we also aim to give adults a way to share their love of these classics with children – creating a mutually inspired story time.

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes, for USA domestic orders only. 

Do you ship internationally?

Can I find KinderGuides in book stores or online chains internationally?
We currently only have distribution in the USA. 

How can I sell KinderGuides in my store? 
Just email and we will forward you to our distributor to set up a wholesale account.