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Cat City Board Game


Proudly Presenting the New Family Board Game for Cat Lovers! 


Preorder now and you get Cat City for just $29!
+ You get TWO of our most popular children’s books FOR FREE!

Hey, that’s a $34 value for free!



Welcome to Cat City!

Fat Cat runs this glitzy town with his iron paw from The Kitty Cat Lounge. You work for him now, doing all sorts of shady jobs across Cat City. In order to become Fat Cat's number one cool cat, you have to bring him 10,000 sardines - hey, he's not called Fat Cat for nothing!

But competition is stiff and in Cat City you can lose your sardines in the whisk of a whisker. Or get catnipped. Or worse, get catapulted to Dog Town!

Pitter-patter around the board and set up your Operation Sardines, while staying clear of the fuzz, ninja cats, catfish or any other Catastrophes. Remember, anything can happen in Cat City if you don't keep your paws straight. Meow!



*Please indicate in Order Notes which two free books you'd like from the list below:
  • KinderGuides Pride and Prejudice
  • Steve Jobs illustrated biography
  • KinderGuides Jane Eyre
  • KinderGuides The Odyssey
  • The Farting Princess
  • The Swim